Thursday, March 29, 2007


This collage shows the very sexual and provocative lifestyles of the girlfriends. The girls are depicted as the epitome of sexuality in their racy and barely-there outfits flaunting their large breasts and slim figures every chance they can. But what does this behavior, which some would ostracize as self-degrading and disrespectful, do for these blondes? It provides a medium for them to be recognized and to gain attention, particularly from the male audience. "Sexuality provides a resource that can be used to get attention and communicate instantly." 1

If these ladies wore blazers revealing little skin with other conservative apparel, they would not be considered "sex icons" and therefore would not gain as much attention or have the reputation they have today. Ultimately, this collage proves that sex, sin and skin sells in modern society when it comes to females gaining attention, popularity, and fame.

1. Gender, Race, and Class in the Media.Image-Based Culture.p.253.


Jessie said...

Your collage is awesome and really well done! It's interesting how you focused on the issues surrounding sex and skin as an empowering arena for women. The chosen quote is well contextualized and integrated, which supports your argument nicely. The one main issue I see here is that your collage's paragraph may over-emphasize the empowerment through sexuality by virtue of not analyzing the power of sexuality in normative gender roles and expectations. The type of analysis you performed for the empowerment concept is great and shows you're clearly capable of the analysis that would incorporate both views of sex, sexuality, women, and media, as empowering and disempowering.

Anonymous said...

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